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M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L::::::::::::::::::::::LI::::::::I V:::V E::::::::::::::::::::E !!:!!

Web Site Development

Our Deal

Online It's rare today that someone does not have some sort of online presence. Most everyone has a blog, a social networking profile, or maybe even a content-management system like Wordpress. But when your needs cannot be met by a pre-fabrication solution like the ones mentioned, good old fashioned web development steps in.

This site, for example, is built entirely with Ruby on Rails. Ruby is programming language with a library of tools tailored for the web, and Rails is a framework for building the web site on. This combination allows for extremely flexible, and customized web sites to be built fairly quickly.

This is what we do.

Now you may think, "Well this site doesnt look that cool"... Well first, aesthetic is in the eye of the beholder! And second, and most importantly, the focus of our web development is back end. We make sites do whatever you want them to do. The facade can easily be changed or updated with any number of designs, in the form of templates.

What does this mean for you?

This means we can build you a simple LOOKING site, but that is doing very complex things in the background. Instead of trying to find a talented programmer AND a good designer, we handle the programming (and some basic styling so its usable and decent :), and then apply whatever design you want. Be that a pre-packaged design (like from, or a design from your favorite graphic designer. We can break any design down and apply it to your site. Of course there are gotchas for certain designs, but we will explain the limitations, and make suggestions based on current web standards, browser compatiblity, and overhead with time and money.


Pricing We do not have a set price structure. We take many things into consideration when providing an estimate. What kind of site, what kind of client, budget restraints, turnaround time restraints, etc. For example if you are Google and want a website done tomorrow, its going to be expensive. If you are a non-profit organization who is looking to have a site up within the next few months, we don't mind giving a price break, even if its the same exact site Google wanted.

We are flexible and fair.


Contact If you are looking for a custom site built, questions about certain features you want to add, or just have some hesitations before you make the jump, feel free to send over an email. Click here for a contact form, and once we receive your email, we will respond to you as soon as possible.