M:::::::M M:::::::M A:::A N:::::::N N::::::N A:::A L:::::::::L I::::::::IV::::::V V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E !!:!!
M::::::::M M::::::::M A:::::A N::::::::N N::::::N A:::::A L:::::::::L I::::::::IV::::::V V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E !:::!
M:::::::::M M:::::::::M A:::::::A N:::::::::N N::::::N A:::::::A LL:::::::LL II::::::IIV::::::V V::::::VEE::::::EEEEEEEEE::::E !:::!
M::::::::::M M::::::::::M A:::::::::A N::::::::::N N::::::N A:::::::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::E EEEEEE !:::!
M:::::::::::M M:::::::::::M A:::::A:::::A N:::::::::::N N::::::N A:::::A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::E !:::!
M:::::::M::::M M::::M:::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N:::::::N::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E::::::EEEEEEEEEE !:::!
M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::::::::::::E !:::!
M::::::M M::::M::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::N:::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::::::::::::E !:::!
M::::::M M:::::::M M::::::M A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A N::::::N N:::::::::::N A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E::::::EEEEEEEEEE !:::!
M::::::M M:::::M M::::::M A:::::::::::::::::::::A N::::::N N::::::::::N A:::::::::::::::::::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V:::::V E:::::E !!:!!
M::::::M MMMMM M::::::M A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A N::::::N N:::::::::N A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A L:::::L LLLLLL I::::I V:::::::::V E:::::E EEEEEE !!! 
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::::::N A:::::A A:::::A LL:::::::LLLLLLLLL:::::LII::::::II V:::::::V EE::::::EEEEEEEE:::::E  
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N:::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L::::::::::::::::::::::LI::::::::I V:::::V E::::::::::::::::::::E !!! 
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L::::::::::::::::::::::LI::::::::I V:::V E::::::::::::::::::::E !!:!!

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10" metallic foil stamped, mulit-colored vinyl. Artwork by Jon Lause

"We went a little crazy for Aaron Spectre's Drumcorps project, a crazed manic electronic workout featuring live metal guitars and chopped to bits metal and grindcore, all mashed up into some incredibly head spinning, neck snapping, dancefloor destroying moshpit annihilating heaviness.

"So the latest bit of Drumcorps brutality, finds Spectre teaming up with Bay Area thrashmetal titans Animosity for a 3 track one sided 10", which takes up right where the Drumcorps record left off and pushes this whole metal / electronic hybrid even further out. This time, Animosity wrote three tracks, and Spectre got to fuck them up. But weirdly enough, unlike on the last Drumcorps disc, where it sounded like a record assembled from bits of metal and grind and breakbeats, this disc sounds more like an Animosity record, where they just happen to be incorporating bits of jungle and techno and drill+bass and whatever grinding buzzing weirdness Spectre could come up with. And the results are pretty stellar. And its core, this is a grindmetal record, but the guitars are super clipped and processed, often stuttering and chopped up into impossible rhythms, the beats are revved up and transformed into frantic breakbeats, some of the super fast blast beats just keep getting faster and faster until they turn into impossible digital stutters. Huge riffs grind and churn, often separated by squalls of jungle, freaky beats, it's a mash up, but neither side is in control, it veers back and forth from metal to jungle to grind to breakbeat often exploding into everything at once. This is the sort of shit that could get us non dancers out on the floor. Or maybe get you dancers into the pit. Either way, fucking awesome.

"And we talk about insane packaging all the time, but once again, holy shit, these guys are pushing the limits of how over the top you can get - eye popping full color screened sleeves, incredible, garish illustrations, inside and out, but it's the vinyl, some are clear and white swirled, some are red and blue and clear swirled, but then the non playing side features and abstract thick metallic ink silkscreened image, either gold or silver, it's hard to explain, but the first time we slipped one out of the sleeve, everyone working had to gather around to see." - Aquarius Records, SF


  1. Thin Retro God
  2. A Profit On Greediness
  3. Mobs Over, Rob Me